Why Isn’t U.S. Cybersecurity Infrastructure Good Enough?

Cyberattacks around the world, and especially in the U.S., have been on the rise. What can we do to combat it?

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Cyberattacks seem to be really having a moment. Take the US, for example: the FBI has reported 4,000 attacks a DAY since the COVID pandemic began, and there’s no sign of things slowing down. But how exactly did we get to this point, and how can cybersecurity help us get out of this mess?

The infrastructure that we use every single day, in our houses, in our cars, in our workplaces, and generally in the country as a whole, is full of computing systems. Anything that prevents us from getting things done, or in some way makes that computing infrastructure create a negative event, we could consider that to be a threat.

The need for protection against cyber attacks really came into focus with STUXNET, the world’s first digital weapon. In 2010, it was found targeting Iran’s nuclear facilities, and in the process, proving that cyberattacks could have devastating consequences beyond the digital realm.

Computers today are more complex than ever, as are the types of threats they face. The more we ask our computers to do—open an email, visit a webpage, join a network—the more potential points of attack emerge.

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Global cybersecurity leaders say they feel unprepared for attack: report

Global cybersecurity leaders say they feel unprepared for attack: report

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