Tesserent (ASX: TNT) – Leading ASX Cybersecurity Company Announces New Internal Restructure

We have the Tesserent Co-CEO’s (ASX: TNT) Julian Challingsworth & Kurt Hansen both joining us on the ASX Investor channel today. We discuss Tesserent’s recent growth as the largest ASX Cybersecurity company on the back of ASX: TNT’s record Q4 trading update and a discussion around Tesserent’s new internal restructure in our latest ASX CEO interview.

Tesserent (TNT) have completed a number acquisitions building out their cybersecurity offering as an ASX technology growth stock along with the development of their Tesserent Innovation and Tesserent Academy initiatives.

Tesserent (ASX: TNT) are looking to leverage their new acquisitions and scale to roll out a new internal restructure and a refresh of the Tesserent brand as a leading ASX cybersecurity company.

We discuss the Tesserent story as an ASX Growth Stock and explore where ASX: TNT may head from here after a strong Q4 FY21 quarterly update, the completion of their recent acquisitions and the opportunity ahead for the Tesserent (TNT) story as the ASX cybersecurity space continues to grow.

Tesserent (TNT) is an exciting ASX Growth Stock and this ASX cybersecurity company has started to attract ASX technology stock investors attention with their Cyber 360 ‘Boardroom to Basement’ offering and the scale of their ASX technology growth stock opportunity.

ASX: TNT Co-CEO’s Kurt Hansen & Julian Challingsworth provide a range of insights throughout this wide reaching ASX CEO interview exploring the Tesserent (TNT) opportunity with the focus on continuing to scale the Tesserent offering as an ASX cybersecurity company.

A big thank you to Kurt Hansen & Julian Challingsworth for joining us on the ASX Investor channel to unpack the ASX: TNT story. We look forward to touching base again in the future to hear more about Tesserent and discussing news announcements as ASX: TNT continues to expand out their offering as a growing ASX technology company.

Tesserent (TNT) is Australia’s leading ASX cybersecurity company and with Tesserent’s focus on growth through acquisitions & scale there is a lot of excitement surrounding this ASX technology growth stock.

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