Startups On Demand: Cyfluencer, The First and Only Cybersecurity Influencer Platform

In this interview series for New York Tech Media, I talk to key leaders from rising startups that are in demand and have a stake in the future of technology. These companies are making an impact in their industries and are NextGen in terms of product, platform, and service.

In this interview, I had the pleasure to talk to Yoel Israel, Founder & CEO of Cyfluencer, the first and only cybersecurity influencer platform.

About Cyfluencer: is the only cybersecurity influencer marketing platform in the world. The platform connects cybersecurity companies & publications to cybersecurity social media influencers. Cyfluencer provides cybersecurity companies a solution to demand generation and influencer marketing – at scale, by getting dozens of influencers to share their content and insights on their behalf to their followers.

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