Liquid Immersion and Air Cooled Managed Services for Bitcoin Miners with 300+ Miners.

We here at are based in the USA providing sales and managed mining services for all of the Americas.

Historically, MicroBT has been making solid Bitcoin ASIC miners for years. Back when the Antminer S9 was king, it produced 13.5 to 16 Th/s using a 16NM process. Lesser known MicroBT produced a Whatsminer M10. This product was also 16NM but achieved a much higher 33 Th/s. Drastically outpacing the Antminer, but it was mostly sold in Asia.

Today, MicroBT partners with Samsung to produce the Whatsminer M30S, M30S+ and M30S++. They are the new king of Bitcoin Mining hardware. They sold 35% of all new BTC mining hashrate in 2019. A record against the competition.

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