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Our Customers Emphasize the Value of Fortinet IAM in Gartner Peer Insights Reviews

“Strengthen Of Security, Easy And Quick Access”

Infrastructure Engineer
Industry: Services
Role: Infrastructure and Operations
Firm Size: <500M - 1B USD

“The experience was good to manage to do that with ease, fortiauthenticator SSO, and user management. The fortunate Enterprise also has a CA super of $xxM.”

“Easy MFA Tool”

Sr. System Administrator
Industry: Services
Role: Applications
Firm Size:1B – 3B USD

“Its a very handy tool for multi factor. easy to install and easy to configure. integration with FortiGate appliance also very easy. after deploying fortitoken we have control over unknows users to login through VPN.”

“Strengthen Your Security”

Team Lead IT Infrastructure
Industry: Manufacturing
Role: Infrastructure and Operations
Firm Size: 50M – 250M USD

“Good price value and easy to implement into existing environment. Easy to use for end users. Help us to achieve our aims.”

“Multifactor Authentication For FortiGate Devices”

Head Of Engineering – Security System
Industry: Construction
Role: Infrastructure and Operations

“We are using Forti Authenticator for secure access of FortiGate devices. this is very good tool for the secure access. performance is also very good and it works stand alone and can be integrated with active directory. We can have control over user access and we can get the report through event and logs. it can work with all FortiGate enterprise firewall and support all Android and IOS platform.”

“Good Solution For MFA And/Or SSO When In A Fortinet Environment”

Network And Security Manager
Industry: Communications
Role: Infrastructure and Operations
Firm Size: 50M – 250M USD

“We achieve to configure it easily with other Fortinet solution. The integration with “SAML compatible” on premise or cloud solutions is pretty easy. The main problem is when you want to integrate it with existing non radius or saml solutions.”

“All In One Authenticator For Forti Products”

Network And Security Engineer
Role: Security and Risk Management
Firm Size: 250M – 500M USD.

“The overall experience is very satisfying. It comes with both VM and appliance but we purchase appliance. There app size is small, it supports both IOS and Android. Also we are using authenticator for almost all fortigate firewall logins and on forticlient as well which help us to enhance security. It also integrates with AD and also have different mode of authentication.”

“Good User Identity(2FA) Management Tool”

Role: Product Management/Marketing
Firm Size: 250M-500M USD

“Fortitoken is very convenient for the 2FA and especially during the lockdown, the tool was very useful in accessing Office VPN at an ease.”

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