Cyber Security Pay 2021 | How much do you get paid in cyber security? (Certs, Experience, Degrees)

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“How much do you get paid in cyber security?” If this is a question you’ve always had then this video is for you 😀 – check out the timestamps for specific career/experience/education level salaries, hope this video is helpful, lmk if you have questions in the comments below!

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Intro (0:00)
My cyber background (0:37)
Entry-level salary (1:08)
Early-career cyber salary (2:37)
Mid-career cyber salary (3:49)
Experienced cyber salary (5:33)
Late-career cyber salary (7:04)
Cyber Bachelors degree salary (8:05)
Cyber Masters degree salary (9:09)
Cyber PhD salary (9:30)
CompTia Security+ (entry-level) (11:07)
CISSP certification salary (11:45)
CEH certification salary (13:04)
Cyber Bootcamp salary (14:21)

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