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Watch Career Roadmap For Cloud Computing In 2021 today! Cloud Computing can be understood as the delivery of computing services over the Internet. These include a multitude of services, such as storage, databases, servers, intelligence, analytics, etc. and one pays only for the services they require on an on-the-go basis. With the world being driven by the developments in computing and its disciplines, Cloud Computing has become an extremely important facet of technology in today’s world, and that’s why it’s one of the most sought-after career options today.

Know what you want but not how to start? That’s the kind of question you surface very often when considering a career option, and that’s why Great Learning brings you this video which discusses the concept of cloud computing in detail, talks about cloud computing as a career option! The video also gives you a thorough run-through of Cloud Computing Career Roadmap in 2021 to help you get rightly started and discusses how you can tap the most to your advantage out of this discipline.

Topics Covered:
00:00 Introduction
02:05 A Career In Cloud Computing
02:47 Cloud Computing Roadmap 2021
03:10 Step 1: Fundamentals
04:15 Step 2: Operating Systems
05:08 Step 3: Programming
06:46 Step 4: Picking a Platform
07:53 Step 5: Business Management Skills
09:22 Step 6: DevOps
10:22 Step 7: Certification
11:49 Thank you!

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