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I placed an order with 2-hour courier delivery. The status on the app showed “preparing for shipment” and “delivered” on the same page, and an hour past my window I still did not have product. I decided to call in even though the app should tell me what’s going on or give me options. Good thing I called, because the order wasn’t coming and I would need to initiate a refund by call, which would take several days for the gift cards to be sent back and the card charges to be reversed.

The order status obviously needs to be upgraded with true status, and to not allow conflicting statuses. Orders that won’t be delivered should be shown. Refunds for non delivery should be in the app instead of taking a 30 minute phone call (the chat wouldn’t let me do it).

Luckily this gave me time to think about my high dollar impulse buy and I decided to keep my money.


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