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Great app, I’ve used it for ages now. Can’t live without it right now, use it daily. Can happily use YouTube, netflix etc… on pc and phone. (Even inside the great firewall lol)

Michael Augood

From Google Play

I’ve tried many other free vpns they all dint work,but this on is different,it’s really good if you wanna use it for video games like Roblox and it made my device 50× faster than usual.

AI Dnt

From Google Play

This is honestly the best VPN I have ever seen!! They changed me to the server that I wanted to be in very quickly so that’s good! And it’s really good if you want to get display names in Roblox!!!! So I suggest you get this VPN!! Thanks for making this awesome VPN! 10/10

shadow six

From Google Play

The best vpn i have ever seen. It has nearly all servers. An it does work. I love it.


From Google Play

Good apps.and live is all choice VPN cety connect , this good choice apps… He apps download now.

Gaming Udoy Sm

From Google Play

Good performance and to much speed

Abcd Efg

From Google Play

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