10 Uses of World Wide Web & Importance of WWW And Uses?

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You should know about the Importance of www or 10 uses of world wide web (www) for your business websites.

What is WWW and Its Uses?

WWW is just an abbreviation of the World Wide Web. WWW or World Wide Web is also known by its name “Web”. As it is a type of virtual online space where all information was kept in form of documents, images, videos, and files in a systematic manner which is identified by Uniform Resource Locators. 

These may be interlinked by various hyperlinks to allow users to move on the different web pages Importance of WWW (World Wide Web).

Who Invented WWW (World Wide Web)?

Who invented www (world wide web)

In 1989 Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee (born in 1955, London) invented the World Wide Web at the time of working in CERN. He was an English computer scientist. At Oxford University Tim Berners-Lee was a Professorial Fellow of Computer Science and professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The Domain Name System (DNS) and use of the internet worldwide has started since the year 1989. The DNS is used to building URL for the web to access web resources.

You will be surprised to know that he was also rewarded by Queen Elizabeth II in 2004 for his great invention.

WWW Fundamentals

Tim Berners-Lee had written 3 major fundamentals, These are still the same for the web.

  • HTML: HyperText Markup Language.

It is the markup language that is used on the web.

  • URI: Uniform Resource Identifier.

It is also called a URL. It is basically a kind of web page “address”. Every different web page, has a unique address to identify separately.

  • HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol.

. HTTP is an application layer protocol that allows retrieval of resources across the web.

For sure you had always seen these 3 fundamental technologies in your web browser.

What are the benefits and Purpose of World Wide Web (WWW)?

Earlier time, it is very difficult to communicate or share a piece of information. But after introducing the world wide web technology, It allows sharing content in the form of blogs, images, videos, or by other networking sites. Now www has become a part of life. It is one of the most important services of the Internet. Many of us can’t able to spend even an hour without the internet.

Importance and 10 Uses of WWW (World Wide Web)

Uses of World Wide Web

Today’s, World Wide Web plays an important role in every person’s life. It makes it easier to get any kind of information online.  Even you can also communicate with anyone from anywhere.

Some possible top10 uses of the World Wide Web or WWW are:

  1. For Communication
  2. Online conference call or live meetings
  3. Students may also use for online classes or learning
  4. Get News worldwide instantly (24X7)
  5. Watching videos for entertainment
  6. Use of WWW sites for professional work
  7. Uses of WWW internet for Publicity and Advertising
  8. Researching something on the internet.
  9. Selling products online
  10. Can grow business via online

We have only mentioned the top 10 uses of World Wide Wide, as there are countless numerous benefits which may take a whole day for the explanation. Hope, with this you may identify the importance of www.

If you are still not able to identify how important is www then just switch off your internet for 2 days. You will definitely realize the importance of www or the world wide web in today’s life.

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Example of World Wide Web

Website (like – https://www.vpnblade.com/) is an example to understand the world wide web. You can see various web resources in the form of HTML formatting.

Using world wide web facility you can also start up or boost up your current business by making a quality website.

Why some websites contain “www.” In the prefix, but others have “http://”?

As you know www is mentioned as a prefix in most URLs but it does not mean that web pages consist of “HTTP” or “HTTPS”.

WWW is a set of HTML formatting languages that can be visible on the web browser and access the web resources.

HTTP is a protocol that helps us to communicate from one system to another.

Let take an example: http://example.com or www.example.com

In this case, both URLs can able communicate information to others. If you take http://example.com and user via online types www in the starting of the URL to visit your site, then also you don’t have to worry. The system will automatically redirect to your non-www domain name. So you can use any type of URL.

Why do we use : and // in the URL address of websites?

You have always seen that websites contain “: ” and “ // “ in the URL address. According to Sir Tim Berners-lee, It helps to keep us browsing on the same internet system and can able to read other web pages. Otherwise, it makes it very difficult to translate each website from another system to access the web resources.

In the URL address “: “ colon refers to the scheme name whereas “ // “represents the specific scheme data for the web page.

Now you have enough knowledge of WWW and the importance or uses of the world wide web (www) for your business. So now let’s talk about how to connect with this www.

How to Connect with World Wide Web?

You just have to launch the web browser and simply type any URL of the site that you want to visit. It will give access to see the web page resources.

Web Browsers

Some most popular web browsers are; Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, etc

It is a never-ending topic, We have shared enough information about world wide web. Hope after reading this you have cleared all your doubts regarding the importance of www and also know about 10 uses of world wide web. If you still have any confusion, feel free to ask.

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